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Purple Sassy Gal Saloon
Purple  Sassy Gal Saloon
Purple  Sassy Gal Saloon Purple  Sassy Gal Saloon Purple  Sassy Gal Saloon Purple  Sassy Gal Saloon
Product Code: 28S-DMH-118-A
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28S-DMH-118 A02 is a ‘28S’ 4Ground model kit, ‘28S’ means it is highly detailed inside and outside with many pre-painted parts.

This kit includes pre-painted parts with high levels of internal and external detailing, also included are optional coloured paper posters and two coloured ‘Sassy Gal’ signs for both head boards of the Saloon.  Most walls, external and internal, in 4Ground kits, are double skinned for strength and to enable detailing inside and out of the model.   On the ground floor of this saloon hotel there is a bar, an office, a stage, a saloon area and stairs leading up another two storeys to the eleven guest rooms, both upper storeys can access the balconies which front the building on two sides.

With the arrival of Pottinger’s Blue Canary gambling parlor to Dead Man’s Hand, Wheatley noticed his Sassy Gal was looking a little tardy, the ivory paint was looking more like sour cream compared to the sharp looking Canary’s Blue facade.  He instructed Duvall to get him the newest or at least the most expensive paint pigment from Europe - leading on from the industrial revolution came the synthetic colours revolution, chemists in Europe, particularly France and Germany were discovering new vibrant colours and making their fortunes with sales of these pigments, nowhere on Earth was more quick to pick up on the potential for such vibrant colours to attract passing trade than the owners of saloons and gambling parlors in Mid West America.  Two months after his instruction to Duvall, Wheatleys expensive Manganese Violet pigment had finally arrived from New York.  Duvall added Linseed oil to it and the Sassy Gay was painted Purple, a colour unimaginable to most eyes at the time.  Wheatley had achieved his objective, his was still the most lustrous joint in town, unmissable and so still the punters first chose; thousands of dollars a week would still keep rolling in through the doors of ‘The Sassy Gal’!

28mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included.


This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 5

Dimensions: Approx L290mm x W190mm x H230mm

Includes: 1x 28S-DMH-118A

Product Code: 28S-DMH-118A

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