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Thread: Magic In The Fabled Realms

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    Magic In The Fabled Realms

    Magic In The Fabled Realms
    There is an elemental force in the world, this force is known as Magika and in its trained use it is called Magic. Magika has existed since the dawn of the world and all creatures of the world can tap into it for basic magical intuitive abilities. There are however those that can harness their Magika to preform great deeds of skill known as wizards, mages, sorcerers and witches.

    While the most powerful magicians can cast magic with no visible movements or outside forces, most wizards need some aids to cast. This can be the ritual words of power, spell ingredients or loci to cast through. Almost all wizards have a spell book with the ritual words of power for each spell written in them as when pressed in battle, the words, positioning and signs aid in casting to an almost unbelievable degree. It is only with practice that a wizard can do this under the pressure of the battlefield.

    One of the main reasons for training in the magical arts is that it is a primal power. Those not trained can access the primal force of the universe, potentially destroying themselves and others in the process. A fully trained wizard may submerge themselves in primal energy to create more effective spells if the need arises or they are particularly desperate.

    The centre for magika learning in the Tueden League is the Nonsuch University in the City of Mordanburg. This building houses many schools of magic concerning almost all of the known uses of Magika. This however is not the only magical collegia in the Tueden League. There is at least one in each state and wizards can be found the length and breadth of the land.

    Some magic is prohibited on pain of death in the Tueden League. This includes the necromancy of the Flay Priests and the Blood Magic of the Grey Sea Tribes to name but two.

    There is no known material that deadens a persons ability to interact with Magika, but many people throughout history have tried to manufacture one.

    Side Effects Of Magika Use
    Light use of Magika, as many people do on a day to day basis, has almost no ill effect. This is mainly subconscious so feelings of threat or good tidings.

    Whereas heavy use of magika can have some major ill effects. This can be injury or harm from tapping too far into your magika to what is known as the Magika Bleed Through Effect. The Magika Bleed Through Effect comes when a magika user accidentally fully submits to the primal energies of the world. At this point the world will start changing, an example of this is walls weeping blood. The most extreme bleed through effects can temporarily allow creatures from the Magical Plane to enter the Material World. These dissipate very quickly back into their own realm but can be very dangerous while they are in the Material World.

    Another side effect of heavy magika use is the haunt. It is common that locations that experience high magika use are commonly frequented by spirits; this can be positively in the form of aille or negatively in the form of wraiths. This means great battlefields can be dangerous places many years after the battle that was fought there.

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    sweet so in future we can see summoning deamons?

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    Hey all. I facebooked Cad to see if divination Magic was going to be in the game. Apparently it falls under the spirit school of magic. Thought I would share.

    So, for the wizardly minded, we know we have:

    Elemental magic
    Light magic
    Spirit magic
    Necromancy / Blood magic
    Some sort of filthy hedge shaman magic practiced by the barbarians who follow the six.

    It will be very interesting to see how the schools of magic develop and tie into the different factions.

    Edit: I could be totally wrong about any and all of this)
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    If I remember right necromancy is a combination of dark and flesh magic. All the schools of magic are in the rulebook and Kickstarter page.

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    Ahh. Really? Cool, I'll have to go check it out. Edit: I found them! Looks great. I preordered some stuff as well.
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