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Thread: Operation Town Picnic

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    Operation Town Picnic

    An Allied glider has been shot down, and it has been found to be carrying documents and photographs. What could this mean for the Axis powers?

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    Keep your ears to the wire for more intel over the coming weeks.

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    Cool design.
    Are they suposed to be Dutch buildings?
    If so the colours are off. Sorry but being Dutch myself this ain't right.
    Could be if the buildings are in the caribian though

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    Hi Sander van Beek

    Sorry if they seem off, they are supposed to be generic Dutch buildings.

    We wanted to have the first few buildings available with rendered walls so that they would be cheaper and then bring out brick buildings later. However, most of the buildings that I could find images of, from the Dutch towns that were involved in some of the major battles of the 1940s, are brick.

    Here is one of the images I found that did have a rendered building.
    Name:  Concept 05.jpg
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    The disadvantage here is that it is in black and white but we can at least see that the render is pale, such as white, cream or green, colours that were used in other parts of Europe as well.
    So I had to do a little bit of guesswork and looked at some modern images of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Nijmegen etc.
    Name:  Concept 01.jpg
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    Mostly brick again but a few rendered walls showing white, green and blue. Like I said, these are modern images and so arguably don't have anything to do with how the buildings looked 80 years ago but I made my best guess. I'd appreciate any help you can give me, documents or images to help me provide a more historically accurate building?
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    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry for the late reaction.
    You have done some good research. More than I have expected to be frank.

    The blue colours |(first 2) are a bit too bright in my opinion.
    Maybe the main building colours need more saturation (grey tones)
    Also I have never seen an original blue building myself.

    Als use a light colour for the woodwork.
    Under here is a link to much used colours for the woodwork (doors and around windows)

    the colours are region dependant though.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, Sander van Beek, that is awesome.

    Yeah, it does seem like the blues and greens are a lot darker. These 3 products have already begun production now but I will make sure that when we come to expand the Dutch range that we bear this in mind.

    We usually do our best to make the buildings as authentic and/or realistic as possible, especially for our historical ranges, and it helps that on our design team we have people experienced in stone-masonry, carpentry, bricklaying and welding (but no painter). The reasons we post up previews is not only to get you guys excited about what's coming soon but also for feedback on what you think about our products.

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