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Thread: Flames of War - Normandy 1944

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    Flames of War - Normandy 1944

    Hi guys

    I started collecting a Late War German army towards the end of 3rd Edition and never really got around to playing properly (completed the buy and build stages!) Some friends and I are now about to start a campaign set around D-Day and so I'm working on getting my army up to scratch and building some of the terrain needed for defending the Atlantik Wall.

    Here is my pitifully small starting force, as in everything I currently have painted. I probably have close to 3,000 points of miniatures awaiting their turn on the painting table. I recently grabbed a load of different tufts to try out and I settled for some small green grass, taller wheat-type grass and purple flowers. The flowers are probably better for 28mm miniatures but I'm pretending it is heather. Although it looks like my troops are trudging through rainy Exmoor rather than Normandy I like the final effect. What do you guys think?

    The Company Commander and 2IC
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    The first platoon (understrength)
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    This is my only painted tank, a Marder tank-hunter. My first attempt with scrim foliage.

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    I'm gonna need plenty of Obstacles to defend the beaches and countryside with so here are my prototypes for some of the options available to the German forces. My first choice of terrain was to make some anti-tank obstacles. We already produce Dragon's Teeth and Czech Hedgehogs here at 4Ground so I grabbed a couple of packs and glued them to a base. This was also my first time using Base Render to make the ground more interesting and varied. I sprayed it, painted it and then added tufts to fit my army.

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    Now I needed some Minefields. I quickly designed and laser-cut some posts, mines and signs, plonked them on a base and painted it up. I bought some thin wire and carefully looped it around the posts, before adding the tufts to match my troops.

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    That was the start of some passive defences, so now for the aggressive ones. I wanted some Tobruk nests, both Mortar and HMG, and so went back to the drawing board. I looked up real Tobruks on the internet to get an idea of what they looked like and how they worked, finding some diagrams of the whole underground bunker. Armed with this I made two different styles up and printed them out.

    Here are the sprues for making up two Mortar Tobruks.
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    I put them together and then clipped off the spare mortars from one of my half-track kits (Sd. Kfz. 250s from Plastic Soldier Company). Now sprayed, they await painting.
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    Here are the HMG Tobruk sprues
    Attachment 233

    Which then became these little beauties.
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    For these, I added spare MG gunners from my Panzergrenadier kits (Sd. Kfz. 251s from Battlefront Miniatures) by cutting them off at the waist and resting them in the pit.
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    Knowing that the Allied invasion came with lots of fighters and bombers, I decided upon making some FlaK nests. This time I tried to make some sandbag defences, by laser-cutting a ring of sandbags. It came out alright I think, but not brilliant. MDF is too square for rounded bags so they kind of look like bricks instead.

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    I'm part-way through painting this one to see what the final effect looks like.
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    Here they are with some Flak guns in them. I will post a final pic once they are finished.
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    What would the Atlantik Wall be like without some bunkers however? Onto the heavy engineering then. This took some time to design up but finally I have a decent bunker done. The bosses liked it so much we have decided to make it into a 4Ground product, woop woop.

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    There's two enfilade walls for attaching to the front.
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    Nobody likes surprise grenades so the back door is protected.
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    The roof comes off to allow a gun miniature to be placed inside, with it's barrel poking out the fire port.
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    I've started using Base Render to fill in the sides, as if it was built into the cliff edges over one of the invasion beaches.
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    That's it for now but I will be spending some more of my spare time making some Barbed Wire Barricades, Trench Lines, HMG nests and gun pits to round off my defences. Hope you guys like these little projects, I will show some more updates further down the line.
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