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Thread: Facinating interview over at Bow about the 3D printing methods being used for KS

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    Facinating interview over at Bow about the 3D printing methods being used for KS

    Oh my "Goodness", just finished watching the BoW video with Ben and Cad about the 3D printing (You'll need a backstage pass to view)

    I didn't realise just how difficult and expensive, (the resin they are using cost 200 GBP for a mere LITRE) the process is. I seriously doubt they'll going to make any profit on this one after deciding to go with the 3D prints (just goes to show what a labour of love this is for the team).

    You also get the chance to see the 8FP crossbowmen.....and they are EPIC in sculpt and detail. They also mentioned at the moment that a "Terror" is a 12 HOUR print (so this explains "why" the delay until March). All things aside, it's hard as we want the minis yesterday....but the craftmanship that's going into producing these (never mind the art of the sculpt is mind staggering). It's worth a months membership on BoW just to view this one video to see the challenges Ben and Cad have set themselves in their passion for the project.

    ...I'm just stunned at the complexity and time taken to produce these minis. It almost seems a shame to paint them.

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    I had no doubt the terrain and miniatures in LOFR will be be great since the start of the KS campaign but the resins are really superb.

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    Absolutely. The wait is going to be worthwhile and I hope it doesn't set the guys back having to print everything themselves as the options open to them are endless

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