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Thread: Was thinking these would be good for Fabled Realms......

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    Was thinking these would be good for Fabled Realms......

    ..but what faction would they be most suited to.

    They are also doing Zombies (but as we know, there's no zombies in FS (as far as Ben has let on)

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    I am quite keen to see these myself, more generic and nice figures like the Northstar Frostgrave and even more so their Oathmark figures. Absolutely perfect to go with the 4Ground terrain no matter what rules you are using.
    While putting a small force together using any, or even a mixture, of this wondeful glut of dark age, medieval and fantasy figures is great fun I suspect putting a large force together, especially if you want to have them rank nicely, might become tiresome but this really is a golden age for the hobby.

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