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Thread: Customer Service issues.....

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    Customer Service issues.....

    Alas been trying to update address for weeks now with all emails seemingly disappearing into the ether

    Not sure "if" address has been updated or not. Also had some issues with my last order (But it was due to my error when making the order online). But messages left via the website and special instructions left with the order (typed into the little box when you make the order) again missed. Luke DID try to sort things out, but again they had an old address (so packages sent to wrong address), I've pretty much given up resolving that particular issue....I just want to get the address updated.

    I DO URGE 4Ground to get a Ticket System in place for the fulfilment of the Kickstarter (when the shipment orders get a lot more complicated), because at the moment the system seems to be failing (which is a pity as the products, and the team at 4Ground are exceptional otherwise....but it's just this one issue that seems to cause issues again and again).

    I'm writing this post in the hope that someone might dig up my correspondence, and just let me know that the address has been updated


    K G Harrison.

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    Hi K Harrison

    I'm sorry that this has been a hassle, we're sending you an email about your address now (we have 2 on system). If for some reason it doesn't reach you, just let me know here and I'll sort it out for you.

    Hope this helps


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