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Legionary's Gladius
Legionary's Gladius
Legionary's Gladius Legionary's Gladius Legionary's Gladius Legionary's Gladius
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This ‘oak-blade’ replica represents a sword known as a’ Legionary’s Gladius’, but it was not invented by the Romans.  Rome’s Legions first encountered this sword, literally at the sharp end,  fighting the Spanish soldiers in Hannibal’s Carthaginian army.  This Gladius Hispanicus (Spanish Sword) was soon adopted by all Rome’s legions.  Compared to their classic swords, this gladius had a shorter much stronger blade, ideal for their forward thrusting style of combat.  By the time of their invasion and conquest of much of Britain, many generations of Rome’s legionaries had fought with this sword.  In battle they tried to close in tight to the enemy, pressing them up against their rectangular Scutum shields, constantly thrusting their swords into the belly of the enemy.   


Total Length: 580mm/22 3/4inches


Hand made in the UK 18 miles from Stonehendge with an OAK blade and rope handel



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