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Etched Shield: Lion Rampant
Etched Shield: Lion Rampant
Etched Shield: Lion Rampant Etched Shield: Lion Rampant Etched Shield: Lion Rampant
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The name William Marshal sounds ordinary enough and could belong to any unremarkable Englishman. The chances are that you do not associate it with anyone of note. Yet William Marshal – or William the Marshal – was one of the greatest men ever to have lived and arguably the greatest ever Englishman. Although inexplicably omitted from schoolroom history he has a dozen claims to fame. He unhorsed Richard, the future King Richard I, the Lionheart, in battle and spared his life. He loyally served five Plantagenate kings, including Richard his erstwhile enemy, who had the sense to recognise Marshal's qualities. He defeated over 500 opponents in single combat, knighted two kings, ruled England as Regent, beat a powerful French army on English soil, saved the kingdom of England, and earned the respect of Europe. He was called “The Flower of Chivalry”. Stephen Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury, described him as the "greatest knight that ever lived".

This shield design is that of William Marshal


Total size: 420mm x 270mm


Hand made in the UK 18 miles from Stonehendge with an beech plywood



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